What is SASSA OTP Code? How to Get Status Pin in 2023?


SASSA OTP Status Pin Code: Everything You Need To Know in 2023.

Do you have trouble logging in to your one-time pin? You can access your one-time pin without any trouble if you follow the guidebook we have provided. In order to clear your doubts regarding OTPs and their accessibility, we will show you how to apply for them through a single cellphone.

When you are filling out the SASSA application form, you will encounter the term One-time pin at least once. Getting the grant requires access to the pin, which you must access before applying. In order to understand the SASSA OTP code meaning, let’s first define what it means.

SASSA OTP Code Meaning – What does it mean?

What does the SASSA OTP code mean? Every SASSA applicant is provided with a one-time Sassa Pin, which is digitally generated. A unique mobile phone number and email address can be used for each client to perform the verification process.

The pin entered by the applicant must be exactly the same as the one provided by the South African Social Security Agency. A beneficiary must correctly and without any flaw enter all the elements of the SASSA status pin when SASSA requires them to confirm it. All entities must be entered in order, capitalized alphabetically, and in alphabetical order.

SASSA responds with an OTP number, which the client must resend to the SASSA office and confirm their identity, after providing a 10-digit mobile number.

What is the Sassa OTP Code for?

In order to maintain the liquidity of client information, SASSA has a system in place. SASSA has provisions to deal with cases where bank account information, residency, and personal data change over time.

SASSA provides applicants with the opportunity to update their information when necessary. Beneficiaries have the option to change their payment channels, reconsider their SRD application, or cancel it. Additionally, they are able to update their bank details whenever necessary.

If you need to update your application, SASSA will send you an OTP. Cybercriminals are warded off by confirming that the original owner of the account has made the request.

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When does SASSA send OTP?


You will never receive an OTP without requesting it from SASSA. There may, however, be some technical glitches that result in the beneficiaries receiving over one OTP without even any intervention from the company. Most applicants may be concerned by this, but they need not fret. There may be a glitch in the system or another issue that could be causing the multiple OTPs that they receive without even requesting them.

It is important for applicants to remember, however, that these OTPs may not always indicate system inefficiency, as they might indicate an unauthorized person is trying to access their SASSA SRD grant account. 

Hence, if an unwelcome situation arises, they need to react quickly and smartly. As soon as possible, the unsolicited OTPs must be deleted and should not be shared with anyone. This prevents one from becoming a victim of online fraud or being looted.

 How to Access OTP on WhatsApp?

Access to your SRD SASSA OTP code is very important, but getting one from the agency is much easier. The following steps will guide you through the process of retrieving an OTP:

  • The first thing you need to do is save the SASSA WhatsApp number on your phone: 082 046 8553.
  •  In the second step, greet the other side by saying hi to them.
  • The third step is to reply ‘Help’ when you receive a response.
  • The next step is to send SASSA “4”.
  • There are now several options available to you.
  • Reply to the agency with “SASSA OTP”.
  • In order to process your application, SASSA will require you to provide them with the reference number that you received in the beginning.
  • Please provide them with your reference number. To every client, a reference number is provided. 
  • You can retrieve your OTP by following all the prompts.

Your application and grant can be processed once you receive your OTP. If you are experiencing difficulties with accessing the pin, you can always get your issue resolved by contacting SASSA via WhatsApp, e-mail, or the website. You will receive a response from the agency to help you resolve the issue. SASSA can be reached by calling 080060 10 11 or by e-mail at [email protected].

You can paste your SASSA OTP where it was originally required now that you have it. OTPs are used by agencies to ensure that the proceeding requested from you belongs to the actual account holder of SASSA’s Social Relief of Distress funds. SASSA has adopted this policy of OTPs for the purpose of protecting your personal information. As well as ensuring that the funds go to the owner, it also ensures that the original owner receives them. 

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How to Use OTP Code for Sassa?

Following are the steps for using an OTP code for SASSA (South African Social Security Agency):

  1. Visit the SASSA website and click on the “My SASSA” tab.
  2. Enter your login credentials (username and password) and click “Log in.”
  3. Click on the “Update Details” tab once you are logged in.
  4. Choose “Request an OTP code” and enter your registered cellphone number.
  5. An OTP code will be sent to your registered cellphone number via SMS.
  6. Enter the OTP code in the field provided on the website.
  7. Once the OTP code has been verified, you will be able to update your details as required.

If you want to continue receiving social security benefits, make sure your SASSA details are up-to-date.

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How Long Does It Take To Get SASSA R350 One-Time Pin?

Applicants and registrants may be prompted to enter this OTP code anywhere to verify that the mobile phone number or email address they provided is active.

You may need to wait a few days for the SASSA one-time pin (OTP) for the R350 social grant. In this case, a delay may occur in the delivery of the SMS to the recipient’s cell phone since the OTP is typically transmitted through SMS.

The holdups are not expected to last for more than a day, however. It takes time for this OTP to reach the applicant’s phone number because of a technicality. Waiting several days is unlikely, but it is possible for OTP to be delayed a few hours under certain conditions.

How does the SASSA OTP code work?

Beneficiaries will receive an OTP code when they receive SASSA payment notifications. You will receive the code on the registered mobile number or email address of the beneficiary. An OTP code must be entered on the SASSA website or at an ATM in order for a beneficiary to access their payment.

There is a specific period in which the OTP code expires. The beneficiary will need to request a new OTP code if it is not used within the allotted time.

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Why is the SASSA OTP code important?


It is important to add SASSA OTP codes to the payment system because they add an additional layer of security. Using this code reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft since only the beneficiary can access their payment. It validates the beneficiaries’ identity and ensures that the payments go to the right person by using the OTP code.

Can You Complete SASSA R350 Application Without OTP?

It may be unclear whether SASSA applications can be completed without OTP for applicants who are not familiar with the application. If you have tried to access the SASSA applicant grant, you know that you are required to enter your OTP in order to confirm you have access to your mobile phone or have a valid mobile number. 

SASSA has allowed R350 applications to be completed without an OTP in all these cases. The application process can be different and tiring this time. There are some cases where SASSA R350 applications do not require an OTP (one-time pin). Depending on the request and the details required, the steps may differ, however.

SASSA-approved third parties, like social workers or community leaders, may be able to help you fill out the SASSA R350 application if an OTP is not available.

Sassa OTP Code Withdrawal

Sassa OTP Code Withdrawal

The One Time Pin (OTP) used to withdraw funds from the SRD grant must first be received via text message from Sassa. As the OTP will be sent to the registered cellphone number on the system, beneficiaries are advised to use the correct details when applying for the grant.


How do I use SASSA OTP code?

The internet connection must be active for that to work.
1. You can save the SASSA Whatsapp number 082 046 8553 to your phone.
2. Say hello by sending a message.
3. Sassa will reply with a list of options.
4. Choose 4 of them.
5. Choose “Get OTP Code” as the next option.
6. Here you will need to provide your reference number.
7. Click on submit.

Why was the SASSA OTP code introduced?

This SASSA OTP code is designed to increase security and reduce fraud and identity theft risks in the payment system. It reduces the likelihood of unauthorized access by ensuring that only the beneficiary can access the payment.

What happens if a beneficiary does not receive their OTP code?

Check that the beneficiary’s registered mobile number or email address is up-to-date if they do not receive their OTP code. To get assistance, they should contact SASSA’s helpline if the information is correct.

Is the SASSA OTP code mandatory?

Yes, all SASSA beneficiaries must have the SASSA OTP code. Payments can only be accessed by the beneficiary with the code, which is an essential security feature.


SASSA OTP is discussed in the aforementioned discussion in a clear and concise manner. There is no doubt in our minds that you will be able to use it easily without thinking twice. Congratulations on receiving a SASSA grant!

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