How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method? [2023]

How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method

There are countless factors triggering unemployment in South Africa, a rampant issue that affects many people. A number of grants are available to citizens as compensation from the African government.

Nevertheless, most recipients have questions about how to apply, whether they are eligible, and how they will pay. The purpose of this article is to explain how to change SASSA R350 payment method, based on my experience. Let’s get started!

SASSA R350 Grant Payment Options

How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method

My confusion stemmed from the payment method and how I will receive the money after reviewing SASSA Status and receiving approval for the SASSA R350 grant. In order to get answers to my questions, I decided to visit the SASSA office nearby.

During my conversation with the customer care member, I learned that SASSA R350 grant payments were initially made through post offices only, but since citizens had to wait in queues for hours to receive their payments, they suffered a lot.

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SASSA, therefore, considered the issue and introduced other payment methods through which SASSA R350 grants can be obtained.

My payments for the SASSA R350 grant were collected at the post office, a traditional method, but I came to learn that there are now easy online methods as well. My plan was to change the method of payment for SASSA R350 grant money.

Among the additional methods are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Pick and Pay
  • E-Wallet

How To Change Your SRD grant payment method: SASSA Change Payment Method Link

To Change your Payment Method in 2023, click the Payment Method Change link.

  1. Click on to
  2. Please scroll down to ‘How do I change my banking details’
  3. Please submit your ID number
  4. The mobile phone number you registered during application will receive an SMS with a secure link that is unique to you
  5. The SMS contains a link that you need to click
  6. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully

You must provide your own personal bank account details to Sassa in order to receive your grant money.

According to a spokesperson for Sassa, there are approximately 110 000 unpaid clients.

So far, my experience with SASSA has been great. I have received my grant payments on time without any hassle. It is highly encouraged that you opt to use a different payment method so you don’t have to visit a post office to get your SASSA R350 grant payment.

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Can I withdraw money from Sassa R350?

In May 2020, the Sassa was introduced for the first time. In addition to the post office, they also accept payments through the added bank account and wallet, as well as Cash Sent from partnered banks. Don’t wait until your payment is delayed, if you haven’t already registered with Sassa.

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Can I get payment through my Sassa card?

The R350 relief grant is paid to caregivers using Sassa payment cards if they receive child grants. 

The R350 grant for Sassa card holders should not be collected at the post office; instead, the money should be accessed at merchants or ATMs.

It is important that these clients realize the card can be used for more than just cash withdrawals, said Sassa.


How Do I Change My Sassa R350 Payment Method Online?

To change your SASSA R350 grant payment method, visit on SASSA’s official website. To access the Annual Review tab, click on the link after you’ve logged into the portal with your ID number. Make a change to a bank account by changing the payment method. Input the required information, such as your ID number, registration details, personal information, and bank details, and then click “Submit.”.

Why can’t I get my SASSA payment?

A recipient may not receive a SASSA payment for a variety of reasons, but failed verification is one of the most common. In order to qualify for SASSA funding or the R350 grant, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. You can, however, get the payment if you meet the required criteria and call their customer service center if you are still unable to do so.

How long does SASSA take to verify banking details?

It took SASSA seven working days to verify the details of your bank account. SASSA is processing and verifying the bank details in the meantime, and formal procedures are being completed. It is possible, however, for any reason for a delay to occur.


It aims to aid South African citizens who are homeless, poor, hungry, etc., financially through SASSA. Grants are provided to them by SASSA monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Payments were initially sent to the recipient through the post office, but now the recipient can also choose to receive payments through their bank accounts. How I changed the method of payment for SASSA is shared in this article.

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