How to Check SASSA Balance R350 Status [2023]

Check SASSA Balance

Checking SASSA balance from time to time will help you stay on top of your payments if you are a beneficiary. There are several ways to check sassa balance, but the process is straightforward. Here are some tips on how to check your SASSA balance and how you can use the different methods.

What is SASSA?

Check SASSA Balance

A social grant is an entitlement provided to eligible South Africans by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Unemployed, disabled, or aging individuals who cannot support themselves are eligible for these grants.

Why is it important to check SASSA balance?

Regularly checking SASSA balance will allow you to stay on top of your payments and make sure you’re getting the correct amount. Besides identifying errors or discrepancies, it can also help you find out how to fix them.

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How to Check SASSA balance online [4 Ways]

Check SASSA balance

The SASSA grant money will be available to you as soon as your application has been approved and your grant payment has been made (personal bank account, SASSA gold card, or cash collection points). There is no need to withdraw all your funds immediately; they will remain available until you are ready to do so.

Are you wondering how do i check my r350 balance? You can perform a Sassa balance check for r350 (your grant money available) in multiple ways, which we will discuss below.

SASSA grant holders are required to have a mobile phone so that they can receive updates on their status. There are three ways for sassa balance check online:

1. Check your SASSA Balance on your cellphone:

  • On your cellphone, dial 1203210#
  • Make sure you follow the prompts
  • Please follow Step number 2 if this USSD method doesn’t work.

2. Check your SASSA Balance on your cellphone:

  • On your cellphone, dial 12069277#
  • Make sure you follow each step
  • After that, you should receive an SMS notification

3. Check your SASSA Balance on WhatsApp:

  • You can contact SASSA via WhatsApp by adding 082 046 8553 to your phone.
  • The SASSA WhatsApp number can be reached by sending the word “SASSA”
  • Please reply with the word “Status” to the next message
  • The next message will ask for your reference number. Please respond with “Yes”
  • To submit your application, reply to the next message with your mobile number (this number must match the one you used when applying for the grant).
  • Please reply with your reference number to the last message

4. Check your SASSA Balance on ATM:

For those who receive their grants through SASSA’s default grant card, here are the instructions. To perform a balance check, follow these steps.

  • Insert the card into the ATM.
  • As soon as the loading process begins, you will need to wait.
  • By entering your four-digit PIN and pressing “OK,” you can continue the process.
  • You will see the option “Account balance”.
  • The transaction receipt is now available for you to download.
  • A receipt will be issued to you after the transaction has been completed. At the time of printing, the receipt also displays your account balance along with your transaction details.
  • The ATM machine will also show you the balance of your account.

You can find SASSA Contact Details here and contact them if needed.

Tips for checking SASSA balance online

These tips will help you srd balance check:

  • Ensure that the amount you are receiving is correct by checking your balance regularly.
  • You should contact SASSA immediately if you notice a discrepancy in your payments.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your account by keeping your ID number and PIN secure.
  • SASSA can assist you if you need assistance accessing your account or checking sassa balance.

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FAQs on Check SASSA Balance

Can I check my SASSA balance using someone else’s phone?

No, only the mobile phone number linked to your SASSA account can be used to check your SASSA balance.

Can I check my SASSA balance using an ATM from a different bank?

Yes, any ATM displaying the SASSA logo can be used to check your SASSA balance.

What should I do if my SASSA balance is incorrect?

Disputes about SASSA payments should be brought to SASSA’s attention as soon as possible.

What is the SASSA hotline number?

0800 60 10 11 is the SASSA hotline number.

Can I check my SASSA balance if I am outside of South Africa?

No, you can only check your SASSA balance if you are in South Africa.


It is important for beneficiaries to check their SASSA balances to make sure they are receiving the right payments. The process of checking SASSA Balance is easy and straightforward, whether you do it online, using your mobile phone, or at an ATM. Keeping up with your payments and ensuring you receive the assistance you deserve is as easy as following the tips we have provided.

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