Sassa Grants Payment Dates & Schedule for 2023/2024

sassa grants payment dates

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) makes social grants available to individuals who qualify to help them meet their basic needs. Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities benefit from these grants in crucial ways. Understanding payment dates and schedules is one of the most important aspects of managing Sassa grants. This article examines in detail Sassa grants payment dates and schedules for 2023/2024, including how to check the payments, factors affecting the payments, tips for managing the payments, and common issues and solutions.

Every month, the South African government distributes over 16 million social grants to its residents. People without financial means are disbursed grants by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

You may be wondering when your grant payment for May 2023 will arrive if your application for an Older Persons Grant, Disability Grant, or Children’s Grant was approved. These three grants are paid shortly after other types of social grants (other types of social grants come later).

After the payment date, grant holders can collect their funds (even if they don’t withdraw it on the exact date they received them).

Sassa Grants Payment Dates & Schedule in 2023 – 2024

Sassa Grant Payment Dates MonthOlder Person GrantDisability GrantChildren’s Grants
January 20233 January – Tuesday4 January – Wednesday5 January – Thursday
February 20232 February – Thursday3 February – Friday6 February – Monday
March 20232 March – Thursday3 March – Friday6 March – Monday
April 20234 April – Tuesday5 April – Wednesday6 April – Thursday
May 20233 May – Wednesday4 May – Thursday5 May – Friday
June 20232 June – Friday5 June – Monday6 June – Tuesday
July 20234 July – Tuesday5 July – Wednesday6 July – Thursday
August 20232 August – Wednesday3 August – Thursday4 August – Friday
September 20235 September – Tuesday6 September – Wednesday7 September – Thursday
October 20233 October – Tuesday4 October – Wednesday5 October – Thursday
November 20232 November – Thursday3 November – Friday6 November – Monday
December 20231 December – Friday4 December – Monday5 December – Tuesday
January 20243 January – Wednesday4 January – Thursday5 January – Friday
February 20242 February – Friday5 February – Monday6 February – Tuesday
March 20245 March – Tuesday6 March – Wednesday7 March – Thursday
SASSA Grant Payment Dates

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Importance of Payment Dates & Schedule

In order for Sassa grant beneficiaries to receive their grants on time and effectively meet their needs, payment dates and schedules are essential. A beneficiary’s finances need to be planned according to the payment dates and schedule for the next year. For beneficiaries, delays or disruptions in grant payments can cause inconvenience and financial strain, so it is important to stay up-to-date on payment dates and schedules.

Factors Affecting Sassa Grants Payment Dates

Beneficiaries should be aware of several factors that affect Sassa grant payment dates. Payment dates may be affected by a variety of factors, including:

  1. Public Holidays: Banks and government offices may be closed on public holidays, so payment dates may be adjusted. Processing and payment of grants may be delayed as a result.
  2. System Maintenance: There may be periodic maintenance on Sassa’s payment processing system, which could affect payment processing and payment dates.
  3. Unforeseen Circumstances: A system failure, natural disaster, or another emergency can disrupt the payment process and cause a payment date change.

In order to avoid any confusion or inconvenience, beneficiaries should keep these factors in mind and stay up-to-date with Sassa’s latest information.

Tips for Managing Sassa Grant Payments

Making the most of Sassa grant payments and meeting beneficiaries’ basic needs are possible when grants are managed effectively. To manage Sassa grants payments, follow these tips:

  1. Create a Budget: Establish an effective budget for managing the grant funds. Prioritize spending according to essential expenses, including food, rent, utilities, and transportation.
  2. Save for Emergencies: Be prepared for medical emergencies or unexpected bills by setting aside some money. It is important to keep an emergency fund on hand during tough times in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Track Expenses: Ensure the grant funds are being used wisely by keeping track of all expenses and reviewing them regularly. Reduce or eliminate expenses where possible to stretch the grant funds.
  4. Seek Financial Advice: To ensure that your finances are managed effectively and you make informed financial decisions, seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor.
  5. Report Changes in Circumstances: Notify Sassa immediately if your personal or financial circumstances change, such as your income, employment, or family composition. These changes may affect your eligibility for the grant.

The following tips will help beneficiaries manage their Sassa grant payments effectively and take advantage of their financial assistance.

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Common Issues and Solutions

Sassa strives to ensure smooth grant payments, however, some issues may arise. In this section, we will discuss some of the most common issues and how they can be resolved:

  1. Delayed Payments: There are times when payments may be delayed due to public holidays, system maintenance, or unforeseen events. It is recommended that beneficiaries wait patiently for their payments in such cases.
  2. Incorrect Payment Amounts: It is possible that beneficiaries receive incorrect payments. Sassa should be contacted immediately in such cases in order to resolve the issue.
  3. Lost or Stolen Cards: Beneficiaries should notify Sassa immediately if their grant card is lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized access.
  4. Changes in Personal or Financial Circumstances: Beneficiaries should inform Sassa of any changes in personal or financial circumstances, such as income, employment, or household composition, as soon as possible so that grant payments will not be affected.
  5. Issues with Payment Method: In the event that beneficiaries are experiencing problems with their chosen payment method, such as a bank account or a Post Office account, they should contact Sassa immediately for assistance.

In order to avoid any disruptions in receiving assistance, Sassa recipients must be vigilant and proactive when it comes to addressing any issues related to their grant payments.

Payment Methods For Grant Applications

  • Using your SASSA gold card at any bank ATM
  • Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer, and USave are among the points of collection

When it comes to receiving your grant money, it’s best to wait a few days rather than waiting in line on payment dates. This will save you hours of frustration and time.


In the same way as any bank card, the SASSA gold card lets you withdraw money at an ATM and use it at a till point. In the event that a grant holder’s gold card is lost or stolen, he or she should create a PIN for the card so their funds cannot be withdrawn.

You can use SASSA social grants once you receive them each month on your SASSA gold card

South African Reserve Bank (SARB) approves SASSA’s gold card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to check the Sassa grant payment dates?

On the Sassa grant card or Post Office account, beneficiaries can check their payment notifications for Sassa grants, or they can check the Sassa website.

Can Sassa grant payment dates change?

Payment dates for Sassa grants can change due to unforeseen circumstances, public holidays, and system maintenance. To avoid confusion, beneficiaries should stay up to date with Sassa’s latest information.

What should I do if my Sassa grant payment is delayed?

It’s best to be patient and wait until your Sassa grant payment is processed if your payment is delayed. Sassa’s call center or local office can be contacted about the delay if it persists.

How can I manage my Sassa grant payments effectively?

Beneficiaries can manage Sassa grant payments effectively by creating a budget, saving for emergencies, tracking expenses, seeking financial advice if needed, and reporting changes in personal or financial circumstances to Sassa.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my Sassa grant payment?

Please contact Sassa immediately if you experience any issues with your Sassa grant payment, including incorrect payment amounts, lost or stolen cards, or issues with your chosen payment method.


As a result, Sassa grant payment dates and schedules for 2023/2024 provide beneficiaries with crucial information regarding their financial assistance. Maintain your knowledge about grants by visiting our website regularly and receiving them on time. If you encounter any delays, be patient and let Sassa know right away if anything changes. A good budget, savings, and expense tracking system can enable beneficiaries to maximize their Sassa grants. Is your Sassa status pending? click here to read the full guide.

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    1. Required documents for Child Support Grant (CSG) applications:
      •Certified copy of ID of applicant and Certified Copy of ID/birth certificate of the child.
      •Certified Copy of Proof of Spousal Relationship/ Marital status (i.e. Marriage Certificate/ Decree of Divorce/ Death Certificate)
      •Certified Copy of the Identity document of the spouse – if married;
      •Proof of Income—if means is declared.
      •If no income is declared, an affidavit to that effect is required.
      •Proof that the applicant is the primary caregiver of the child
      •Proof of school attendance (encourage children to attend school), if not attached application will still be processed.
      •Confirmation of Banking Details i.e. Certified Copy of Bank Statement

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