Nakasendo Trail – The Old Route of Japan: A Journey Through Time and Scenery

Nakasendo Trail – The Old Route of Japan: A Journey Through Time and Scenery

G’day, adventurers and trail wanderers! If you’ve had enough of tramping around the Blue Mountains or the Grampians and you’re on the hunt for something wildly different, I reckon I’ve found the ultimate escapade for you. Picture this: walking ancient trails in Japan, guided by none other than our very own Auswalk Walking Company. Intrigued? You should be. The Nakasendo Trail is an adventure that combines the heart of Japan’s history with the soul of Aussie wanderlust.

What is the Nakasendo Trail?

For those who haven’t yet heard of it, the Nakasendo Trail is one of Japan’s ancient highways. Connecting Tokyo and Kyoto, this historical path is about 534 km long. It’s a literal journey through time, dating back to the Edo period (1603-1868). During those times, this trail served as a vital route for samurais, lords, and even commoners traveling between the two cities.

A Taste of Real Japan

When you’re walking the Nakasendo Trail, you’re essentially stepping back in time. Forget the neon lights of Tokyo or the tourist-heavy temples in Kyoto; this is grassroots Japan. You’ll be walking cobblestone paths through quaint post towns that have preserved their traditional architecture. It’s like walking through a living museum, complete with tea houses, ryokans (traditional inns), and local cuisine that hasn’t changed much since the Shogun ruled Japan.

Practicalities and Accessibility

If you’re thinking this sounds great but might be a bit much for your fitness level—no worries! One of the beauties of the Nakasendo Trail is its accessibility. You can choose segments of the trail that suit your hiking capabilities. The most popular stretch is the Kiso Valley section, which offers a more manageable trek for those who aren’t up for a long-distance hike. It’s like choosing a coastal walk over an intense bushwalk in Oz—you set the pace!

Seasonal Allure

Another selling point is the changing seasons. Every season adds its own unique beauty to the trail. Spring offers the bloom of cherry blossoms, while autumn brings vibrant fall foliage. Even winter has its charm, transforming the landscape into a serene, snowy wonderland, quite different from most parts of Australia where snow is a rare sight.

Culinary Journey

You know how we Aussies love our food, whether it’s a good ol’ barbie or fine dining. Japan’s culinary landscape along the Nakasendo Trail is an experience in itself. From bento boxes to sumptuous multi-course kaiseki meals at the ryokans, your palate is in for a treat. Local specialties like soba noodles and Hida beef are must-tries.

The People Make the Place

As we say down under, “It’s not the place, it’s the people.” And the people you meet along the Nakasendo Trail—local artisans, ryokan owners, fellow hikers—add layers to your experience that you just can’t get from a guidebook. The warm hospitality will remind you of good old Aussie kindness but with a Japanese touch.

What You’ll Need

A hiking trip on the Nakasendo Trail isn’t exactly a stroll down Bondi Beach, so you’ll need to come prepared. Hiking boots are a must, as are moisture-wicking clothes. A sturdy backpack, water bottles, and hiking poles are also recommended. Most importantly, bring a sense of adventure. The trail is well-marked and generally safe, but it’s always good to be prepared.


The Nakasendo Way with Auswalk Walking Company isn’t just a walk; it’s an immersive experience that delves deep into the cultural and natural beauty of Japan. From the preparation phase to the trail experience and all the luxuries in between, Auswalk crafts a journey that allows you to connect deeply with your surroundings.

So if you’re ready for an epic adventure that takes you out of the Aussie bush and into the heart of ancient Japan, the Nakasendo Trail with Auswalk is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Lace up your boots, mate, and prepare for a journey that will fill your heart and feed your soul.

Cheers! May your feet stay sturdy and your spirit adventurous on this once-in-a-lifetime trek.

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