How to Write Affidavit for SASSA Lost Card

Writing an affidavit for lost SASSA card is a must do thing if you’re going through a situation like this. But writing an effective affidavit is a thing to be done professionally, otherwise, your affidavit can be rejected by the agency.

If you’re looking to write an affidavit to SASSA agency, we have discussed an effective way which you can use to write your affidavit effectively. Be noted that your affidavit must look professional for better impression over SASSA team.

There are many SASSA beneficiaries who are confused that would the affidavit be effecting their grant status, the answer is NO, your affidavit or lost SASSA card will not effect your SASSA status check results, dont worry about this.

How to Write Affidavit for SASSA Lost Card Step By Step

Before you start writing your affidavit to SASSA, carefully read and memorize the following steps, these are very important and will help you alot in your affidavit journey.

  • Write on affidavit paper, the case number, commissioner name, and commissioner court name in capital letters withou any spelling or numerical mistake.
  • Be very concise in writing affidavit for lost SASSA card, don’t use extra and complex words in explaining the incident you faced which led losing your card. Also, avoid using jargons, and use very polite tone.
  • This stage holds significant importance, and precision is crucial. Please provide accurate information, including your complete name, ID number, registered SASSA phone number, and mailing address. Ensure that all details match the records in SASSA, as any error, whether in text or numbers, may result in immediate rejection of your affidavit.
  • Always use your writing in chunks, don’t write all the stuff in one big paragraph, instead use small explanatory paragraphs with proper puncutations and grammar.
  • If you have already reported this incident to the nearest police station, kindly include this information in a distinct paragraph. Clearly state that you have officially filed a case with the relevant authorities and, if applicable, provide specific details pertaining to your case.
  • When you are writing the paragraph in which you are talking about your lost SASSA card, also mention the expiration date of your lost sassa card. This step is optional, you can skip this if you don;t remember the exact date of expiry of your card.
  • At the end, write prominently the request in which appeal for a new sassa card. If possible, highlight or bold this statement to look more prominent.
  • After the request statement, write the concluding paragraph in which say tahnks in advance to the authorities that are going to read your affidavit.


Crafting an effective and professional affidavit demands a commitment to professionalism and authenticity. It is imperative to exhibit utmost respect for the SASSA authorities throughout the process. It is essential to utilize the SASSA affidavit facility judiciously, reserving its use for situations where genuine need arises. Prioritize sincerity and accuracy in your documentation to ensure the credibility and reliability of the affidavit you submit to SASSA.

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