Which Four Out of 212 SASSA Offices Answer Phone Calls?

Which Four Out of 212 SASSA Offices Answer Phone Calls

Is the SASSA office not answering your calls? It contains all SASSA office numbers and addresses, so you might find it useful. It is likely that you have seen SASSA offices in your country, but they do not answer your calls. SASSA’s 212 offices in South Africa answer phone calls in four of them.

A key role played by the South African Social Security Agency is to provide financial aid to the country’s citizens. Student, unemployed, orphan, and other grants are managed by SASSA. SASSA’s offices are usually crowded due to its successful grant programs, and only four of the 212 employees are available to answer your call. This guide will provide you with more information about SASSA offices.

Which Four Out of 212 SASSA Offices Answer The Phone?

Which Four Out of 212 SASSA Offices Answer Phone Calls

The SASSA provides financial aid to people and assists them in fulfilling their needs in life, as I mentioned above. Even though it helps many low-income families, your application may be held or declined. Then you should get in touch with them. Despite the fact that you can contact them via their official site, many people prefer calling the company’s office and speaking with a representative. SASSA offices don’t answer calls most of the time, according to most people. That’s true, I suppose.

According to recent research, SASSA offices only answer phone calls for customer service four out of five times. This study takes into account a number of factors. It is revealed from the analysis that most SASSA offices do not have their phone numbers listed online. The site doesn’t have many people’s phone numbers, so many can’t find them. Additionally, the telephone numbers of the local offices were not recorded. Website updates were not made by SASSA. Because of this, the Western Cape and Limpopo offices’ contact information was outdated.

SASSA offices lack telephone numbers in 39.1% of cases, according to the research. On Google and the yellow pages, a few local offices had contact details, but around 85 did not. A few of the Western Cape offices answer phone calls, but only one has a system for connecting customers with beneficiaries online. A SASSA office is the only one that offers online assistance.

SASSA does not answer the hotline created during COVID, according to the research. In the study, the re-recorded message regarding awareness of COVID-19 begins playing when a call is made to the COVID-19 hotline. A customer service call ends immediately when you press a button. This means SASSA’s COVID-19 hotline does not answer phone calls either, which is disappointing since the government invested heavily in this program.

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The primary objective of SASSA, as a government department, is to ensure the welfare of South Africans. Despite its ability to facilitate people in various ways, it has suffered from adverse performance effects. Its customer service and beneficiary problems are causing many people to complain. In addition, the validation process and insufficient funding keep people’s applications on hold for so long.

The SASSA is evidently contacted by people who have problems applying for grants. How will SASSA offices help customers if they are not responding to phone calls? SASSA’s principle states, “Customer-centric – prioritizing customer needs” and many complain that SASSA’s management is poor and it does not work according to it.

SASSA’s management and customer service have been improved through the presentation of this research to the Minister and representatives of SASSA. SASSA may be one of those offices that do not answer phone calls if you call its office and do not receive a response. If that is the case, you should submit your complaint via its website or via email.


Why is the SASSA office not answering my call?

You are likely not to receive a response if you call SASSA but don’t get a response if you call the customer service number. Only four SASSA offices answer phones, despite SASSA being one of the most successful government departments.

How can I contact the SASSA office?

People prefer calling SASSA’s office for customer service even though it has its contact details on its website. There are some telephone numbers listed on its site for local offices, but only a few can be reached. In addition to SASSA, there are 212 other offices that don’t answer phone calls.

How many SASSA offices answer phone calls?

In South Africa, SASSA offices are commonplace. Customer service and guiding people in applying for grants are the primary responsibilities of these offices. In the Western Cape, the only SASSA office that offers online assistance is one out of all SASSA offices throughout the country.

Does SASSA not provide customer service at its offices?

Essentially, SASSAs are customer-centric, putting the needs of their customers at the forefront of everything they do. Although it has offices to facilitate customers, most of the offices do not answer calls. Its primary objective is to promote the welfare of South Africans.

Does SASSA’s management seem to have been affected recently?

Recently, SASSA’s services have been criticised by many people. Many people have problems with beneficiaries, others have problems with applications, and some cannot receive grants. Additionally, SASSA’s customer service is negatively impacted by poor management, as evidenced by the above research.


Here is a guide that provides information on SASSA offices, how they perform, and what services they offer. By providing financial aid to meet the needs of South Africans, SASSA plays an important role in facilitating the country’s people. A number of offices are located throughout the country to assist customers with applications, complaints, and inquiries. There have been complaints about SASSA’s customer service recently, and its services have been affected. The SASSA has four offices that answer the phone and one that provides online assistance.

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