Where are the best areas to live in Murree?

Where are the best areas to live in Murree?


Murree remains one of Pakistan’s most famous and important tourist places especially for summer. It is indeed a beautiful hill station that attracts tourists from all over the country to escape the scorching summer heat. At the similar time, a lot of individuals prefer staying in nearby alternatives to enjoy the snow during winters, as the northern areas might be inaccessible. There would be dense green trees, fresh weather, cold air, and beautiful valleys. Most prominently, the clouds in the sky make and individual feel that they are touching clouds. Murree Hills, Ayubia, Nathia Gali, Pindi Point, and Dream Valley Islamabad Location are amongst Places to visit in Murree. Such places can be described below.

Best places in Murree

Patriata Chair Lift

Patriata near Lower Topa of Murree Hills is becoming more popular with the passage of time, and it is around 15 kilometers from some famous places of main murree. The patriate chair lift in Murree was built around decades ago to cater to more visitors. Technically, Patriata to New Murree would be a 5 km-long trip with the sideview of world-class cable cars and chairlifts. Furthermore, the high mountains, and wonderful hills of this area create a great scenery delight for families and couples in different Tourist Places of Murree.


Apart from that, the lush green surroundings and tranquil environment of Bhurban also attracts tourists in the summer season. After Patriata, it has become one of the most famous tourist visiting place in Murree Hills. The luxurious addition of this place is PC Bhurban, which attracts local and foreign visitors often. The state of the art amenities with fascinating views of landscapes are charming for visitors. The best part about this place is that it is only 13 km away from Azad Kashmir.

Kashmir Point

Another main tourist attraction of Murree is Mall Road, where one can walk to the GPO, where one can reach Kashmir Point within 15 minutes. One has to pass the famous Murree Cadet College for a trip to Governor House in Murree. Along with that, one can enjoy beautiful view of Kashmir Hills. There might also be a traffic crowding on Mall Street, which is also one of its busiest highest point in Murree.

Dream Valley

Dream Valley Islamabad is one of best housing ventures that is being developed near murree. The owners of this project plan to cater to those investors who like to enjoy the natural beauty and wishes to reside near to those. Furthermore, investors who are searching for eco-friendly housing projects must consider this project on priority. This is a scenic housing project, whose construction is also based on eco friendly standards. Most significantly, the scenic views would increase the value of the entire housing project. After its successful construction, it would also become one of the popular tourist destinations of Murree.


Dream Valley housing scheme is world class housing project is now currently under development in Murree. The owners of this project are working hard for its timely delivery to all the real estate investors. Furthermore, the owners are enthusiastic to offer one of its main housing projects to all the investors. The site of this housing project near lush green hills makes is one of the catchiest feature for all buyers of the Dream Valley housing scheme. Best part about this project is that it is worth the money, and would help make a long-term and profitable living here. For further information regarding this project, we want you to kindly reach out to professionals of Estate Land Marketing. We have a talented team of real estate marketing professionals that would guide you about each and every housing project of Pakistan.

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