Types of SASSA Grants: Complete Guide in 2023

Types of SASSA Grants

In South Africa, approximately 18 million people receive various types of social grants in south africa from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

In this section, we’re going to cover the types of grants SASSA offers, as well as the grant amounts and some basic criteria. You can learn more about any of these grants by clicking on the link next to the types of SASSA Grants.

What Is a Social Grant?

Types of SASSA Grants

The government of South Africa awards a social grant to a citizen in financial need. For a specified period of time or for an extended period, the grant is awarded each month. South African citizens, permanent residents, and refugees living in South Africa may apply for social grants.

To qualify for grants, applicants must pass a “means test” since grants are usually given to those who cannot provide for themselves. In order to determine whether an applicant qualifies for a social grant, a means test evaluates their income and assets.

There are different criteria for eligibility and amounts paid for each grant – continue reading to learn more about different types of social grants in south africa.

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Types of Social Grants

Types of SASSA Grants

There are a few types of SASSA Grants awarded by SASSA:

SRD Grant

A Covid-19 SRD Grant (Social Relief of Distress Grant) provides R350 per month for the relief of distress. In order to qualify for the SRD grant, one must be a South African citizen/refugee, asylum seeker or special permit holder who has inadequate means of supporting themselves.

Care Dependency Grant

Each child receives R2080 per month as part of the Care Dependency Grant. Parents, foster parents, or primary caregivers who provide full-time care for a child younger than 18 with a disability can apply for the CDG grant.

Child Support Grant

The Child Support Grant is a grant of R500 per month per child (plus a top-up of R250). Primary caregivers of children under 18 are eligible for the CSG grant.

Disability Grant

There is a monthly maximum amount of R2080 available under the Disability Grant (based on a sliding scale). People with disabilities who are unable to work for 6 months or longer can apply for the Disability Grant.

Foster Child Grant

Foster Child Grants are worth R1120 per month per child. A FCG grant is available to parents of children under the age of 18 who are foster parents (under a court order).

Older Persons Grant

An Older Persons Grant is a grant that varies between R2080 and R2100 (people younger than 60 receive a lower amount, while people older than 75 receive a higher amount). Older people who meet the means test are eligible for the old age pension grant.


It provides a grant of R500 per month as part of the Grant-In-Aid program. This grant is available to current grant recipients who are unable to care for themselves and require full-time care.

War Veterans Grant

The War Veterans’ Grant is a monthly grant of R2100. In the case of former soldiers who fought in World War II or the Korean War but cannot support themselves, the WVG grants help.

Sassa Vacancies

You can find SASSA vacancies on the SASSA vacancies page if you’re interested in working there.

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How to Apply for SASSA Grants

Applicants must complete an application form at their nearest SASSA office in order to apply for a SASSA grant. The application form requires applicants to supply personal and financial information along with documentation proving identity, income, and residency. It may also be necessary to conduct a means test in order to determine whether a grant applicant is eligible. Read the complete guide on How Do I Apply for Sassa Grant Online


As a result, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides a variety of grant programs to assist disadvantaged individuals and families. Grants include Child Support Grants, Grants for Older People, Grants for the Disabled, Grants for Foster Children, and Grants for Care Dependents.

A grant must meet specific eligibility criteria in order to qualify for it. Grants are tailored to meet specific needs and requirements. Numerous South Africans have benefited from SASSA’s grants by alleviating poverty and improving their standard of living.

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