TRB Group Kenya: Increase the Resale Value of a Home by Using Beautiful Tiles

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The aesthetic appeal of a house can significantly be increased by fixing it up. It will not only impress your family and friends but can help you get amazing resale value. However, you should think about adding beautiful tiles for this purpose. Using beautiful tiles on the floor of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and walls can make your home visually more appealing. In case you are searching for proven methods to upgrade the property and increase its resale value, you must go through this post before you buy it from TRB Ceramics of TRB Group Kenya.

This post will help you understand the ways to enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal as well as resale value. So, let us get started!

Home renovation and uses of tiles

No price tag or element can equate your love for your loving home. We all know how relaxed and refreshed we all feel when we are in our home. And giving it a whole new look can change its overall appearance without much hassle. 

But when you want to sell it for any reason, you will surely want to get the maximum value from it. And this can be done by upgrading it. For this purpose, no other element is better than using high-quality tiles. Apart from this, if you are building a new home with a resale purpose in mind, then you should remember that tiles can have two-folded benefits.

First and foremost, tile options such as floor and floor tiles including full body floor tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, and polished glazed vitrified tiles offered by TRB Group Kenya can cut down the construction cost. Secondly, it can keep your profits high.

In addition to this, remodeling a property with the help of tiles can help you get durability and of course – comfort. Since tiles do not need complete repair in a shorter duration, you can save on maintenance by avoiding costly repairs.

Speaking about the reselling and all, as a new buyer, you will surely not want to invest in a property that needs costly repairs and maintenance. And having tiles in a home can truly help you with this purpose. You should remember that tiles not only look eye-catching but are easy on pockets too. TRB Group Kenya ceramic tiles are best for home and also pocket-friendly.

Where should you place tiles to increase resale value?

As a homeowner, you certainly do not want to spend thousands of bucks regularly for remodeling. Thanks to the beautiful range of tiles offered by TRB and its brand TRB Ceramics. You can add these options to upgrade the beauty of your home.

However, there is a secret to fetching maximum benefits. Yes, you guessed it right. Placing tiles in the correct locations is essential to achieve your desired results. Although you can add the same in the entire house, the following must be covered without any failure to enjoy better returns and create a long-lasting impression on potential buyers:

  • Kitchen Walls

According to property experts, the kitchen is considered one of the most valuable rooms. Well! They are right to some extent because people usually spend more time in this area than in other parts of a house. Therefore, upgrading the same will help you freshen up the aura of the kitchen area. Moreover, it will also transform the area in a way that it can easily appeal to potential buyers. 

However, choosing the right type of tiles is a must. When you check the range of TRB Group Kenya, you will notice that options are plenty. You can even consult with them if you have something precise in mind. Some cosmetic changes i.e. revamping the walls can make things better.

  • Kitchen Floors

You must be amazed to know that most people notice the floor of your kitchen as soon as they enter! This is why it is a good idea to explore the tile options available. For instance, you can go for the ceramic ones for kitchen flooring. Just like any normal tile, ceramic also comes with certain features and benefits.

For instance, ceramic tiles are cost-effective but highly durable. In addition to this, you can have them in a variety of designs, styles, sizes, and colors. Along with these, ceramic tiles are waterproof, scratch and stain resistant, bacteria and mold resistant, flame resistant, and offer great versatility. When installed properly or by the experts, expensive repairs can easily be avoided in the long run. For the cleaning part, you will not be required to spend hours. Just get a soft cloth and wipe the tiles and your kitchen will look new again.

  • Bathroom Walls

This is yet another area where you should install tiles. If you also feel worried as soon as guests enter the bathroom, then it is the best time to give it a new look and feel by installing tiles on its walls. With an outdated bathroom, you cannot increase its resale value. Therefore, it is important to provide your bathrooms with a modern and clean appearance with wall tiles.

By keeping the deep cleaning process at bay, tiles can help you leave a long-lasting impression on the guests as well as buyers. While remodeling the walls, do not forget to upgrade the countertops, etc.

  • Bathroom Floors

Do you like dirty and wet floors of bathrooms? Not! So, how can you expect others to face the same when they are in your home? To provide a neat and clean look to the bathroom floors, it is suggested to use the specifically manufactured floor tiles by TRB Group Kenya.

By connecting with them, you can get glazed tiles as well as full-body floor tiles. Depending on the area, your needs, budget, and other factors, you can decide the colors, designs, and sizes. This is the quickest way to change the overall look of the bathrooms.

The bottom line

There are many effective and easy ways available to increase the resale value of a home and its visual appeal. And tiles are one of the best options. These will provide you with the best bang for each buck spent. To get the best tiles in Burkina Faso, Mali, Liberia, Togo, Niger, etc., get in touch with TRB Group Kenya. With several options, you can decide better.

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