The Best Finch Feeders

Finches are small yet vibrant birds that attract many bird enthusiasts to their yard. Their soft chirping is also soothing for ears.

To attract beautiful finch creatures into your backyard, it’s necessary to provide them with a best finch feeders designed to their specific needs. The ideal finch feeders offer long ports which accommodate their long bills while accommodating perches as well.

1. Perky-Pet Straight-Sided Finch Feeder

The Perky-Pet Straight-Sided Finch Feeder is one of the finest finch feeders available, featuring an easy to use clear tube that makes monitoring seed levels simple, as well as yellow accents to attract thistle-eating birds. Furthermore, this feeder’s easy clean up and sturdy design withstands damage from squirrels.

This feeder stands out by having an ample capacity; meaning less refilling! Plus, its mesh design reduces waste as birds peck at their food to get exactly what they need!

One downside of this feeder is that it can be challenging to remove and clean its sock for maintenance purposes, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue if your yard is quite dirty or you refill the feeder regularly. Even so, this small inconvenience is worth paying for such a beautiful bird feeder that will provide years of use without breaking the bank! A great choice for anyone wanting to bring finches into their yards without spending lots on feeders!

2. Kingsyard Finch Feeder

The Kingsyard Finch Feeder is the ideal finch feeder due to its design that forces birds to perch upside-down when eating – their preferred position. Additionally, this design helps deter larger birds such as grackles and starlings from accessing your seed supply. Plus, with “stay full” ports you’re ensured there will always be sufficient finch-friendly Nyjer seeds ready for consumption; and an optional thistle ring (not included) you can provide other varieties of bird seed.

This feeder’s large overhang provides shelter from rain and keeps seeds dry for longer. Furthermore, its bottom perching tray captures fallen seeds and husks for easier disposal.

Place this feeder near natural shelters such as trees, shrubs and bushes to attract more finches to your yard. That way they can observe their surroundings before approaching your feeders – and hang it high to avoid attracting predators like cats and squirrels!

3. Perky-Pet Finch Sock Feeder

If you enjoy feeding finches as a hobby, the best way to attract them is through using a specialty feeder designed specifically for them. These typically feature bright yellow colors that finches prefer, along with unique metal mesh designs that allow them to perch and dine in comfort. They also tend to offer larger capacity than regular feeders allowing less frequent refilling needs and offering exceptional durability during winter months.

One of the best options out there is the Droll Yankees CJTHM36Y Finch Sock Feeder. This unique sock style feeder features a large 3.5-pound seed capacity to ensure birds always have enough food without spoilage or mold happening due to spoilage or mold growth. Furthermore, four standing ports allow multiple finches at one time to feed comfortably, and all-metal construction ensures it can withstand even extreme weather conditions.

4. Kingsyard Finch Feeder

Finches have long been attracted to feeders offering hummingbird nectar, so if you plan on hanging one in your yard it is wise to be aware that finches could also come flocking and could potentially attract finches that scare away hummers.

To attract finches, add some flowers they enjoy into your backyard garden. Marigolds, black-eyed Susans, milkweed, cattails and zinnias can all serve as great choices that not only beautify but also draw pollinators like bees and butterflies to your space.

Thistle seed is a favorite among finch feeders. To maintain fresh thistle seeds, clean your feeder regularly to remove mold and prevent the seeds from going bad. Another excellent idea for encouraging birds to come closer is adding a water feature in your backyard; bird baths with misters or drippers or simply leaving out small dishes of water are effective options that encourage bird attendance.

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