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In this article, we have mentioned all the methods for SASSA status check. This advantage is provided by the official SASSA firm to make people keep in touch with the rapid progress of the standings of applications. For better planning and preparation for results, the given method will effectively act as a key for quick status check.

Methods for SASSA Status Check

The South African Social Security Agency is administered for financial support to millions of South Africans with their social welfare grants. This firm is responsible for providing support to unemployed, care dependent, low income and monetary unstable people.

With the help of SASSA Status Check we have described clearly in various methods and step by step instructions you can enable understanding for a guidance of your grant status check.

These method are elaborated further below:

Method 1: SASSA Status Check via WhatsApp

Method 2: Status Check for SASSA via USSD Code

Method 3: Check SASSA Status by Toll Free

Method 4: SASSA Grant status via Moya App

Method 5: Status Check for SASSA grant via Email

Method 6:Grant Status Check via Online Portal

Method 1: SASSA Status Check via WhatsApp

With the help of given step by step guidance you can grip your understanding towards the current standing of your SASSA status for grant payment. Applicants with correct SASSA banking details can use an end to end encrypted software for communication simply and that is your WhatsApp. The steps for checking your SASSA status are enlisted below:

Step 1: Save the contact of SASSA “0820 46 8553”

Step 2: Open the contact and refresh your WhatsApp
Step 3: Text “SASSA” on the given number.
Step 4: An automatic chatbot will give you a series of options. Reply “Status Check”

Step 5: Mention your personal “SA ID” and mobile number.

You will get your status after providing genuine information of yours.

 Method 2: Status Check for SASSA via USSD Code

An efficient way of checking your SASSA status is by using USSD Code. It is an internet free service available for hurdle less communication. The steps for SASSA status standings are guided below as:

Step 1: Dial USSD Code “1347737#” on your cell phone.

Step 2: Provide your personal SA ID and mobile number

You will finally survey your status after successful performance of above steps.

Method 3: Check SASSA Status by Toll Free

With the help of Toll Free facility you can survey your status for SASSA grant payment for free without neutralizing the actual call price.

Step 1: Enter “0800601011” on your cell phone.

Step 2: Obey the complete set of instructions that will be provided to you.

Finally, you can examine your SASSA status.

Method 4: SASSA Grant status via Moya App

A facility to examine rapid SASSA status is in the form of Moya App. This application acts as a reliable, efficient and user friendly interface for the candidate of SASSA. All applicants can download it from Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open Moya App, once after complete download.

Step 2: Provide your personal and authentic details 

Step 3: You will receive an SMS for SASSA grant status.

Finally, you will be able to examine your status for the SASSA grant amount.

Method 5: Status Check for SASSA grant via Email

An Electronic Mail is an efficient choice for candidates to check their SASSA payment  status as it is a paperless source of communication among the people and organization. Follow the enlisted steps for better understandings given below as:

Step 1: Write a Email to subject “[email protected]” 

Step 2: Give your ID and mobile number in the main body. 

Step 3: Ask for “Status Check” in the email.

 You will have results for the status check of SASSA once after successful submission. 

Method 6:Grant Status Check via Online Portal

One of the most authentic sources for your status check is an online portal. It will examine and display your status in seconds. Guidance in step by step procedure is given below as:

Step 1:  Browse on Google 

Step 2: Click on “South African ID Holders” or “Asylum Seeker/ Permit Seeker” depending upon your identity.

Step 3: Select “Application Status” after it.

Step 4: Recheck your entered information and click the “Submit” option. 

Finally, you will get your SASSA status check in a few steps given above.


The SASSA Status Check is a crucial method to get aware of your status for the peace of mind, a candidate of SASSA grant can keep looking at his/her status from time to time. This ensures better planning of expected results. In short, the methods given above are easy and convenient for SASSA status check 2024.


  1. How to check SASSA Status online?

You can visit SASSA official website on Google to examine your status check of grant payment.

  1. Which is the most convenient method for SASSA status check?

The best quick and easy method for SASSA status check is online portal or WhatsApp.

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