SASSA Grants Payment Dates for April 2023

SASSA Grants Payment Dates for April 2023

SASSA Grants Payment Dates for April 2023, Final payment dates for all grants to be issued in April 2023 have been announced by SASSA.

SASSA grants payment dates have been announced for April 2023 by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). This grant program is designed to help vulnerable South Africans who are struggling to make ends meet. Older Person Grants, Disability Grants, and Child Support Grants are among the categories of grants available.

SASSA Grants Payment Dates for April 2023

Knowing when the grant funds will be available is one of the most important aspects of the grant payment process. By doing so, recipients can plan their budgets accordingly and ensure that they have the funds to cover their expenses. The following dates have been announced for SASSA’s payments in April 2023:

  • Monday, 3 April 2023: Older Person Grant
  • Tuesday, 4 April 2023: Disability Grant
  • Wednesday, 5 April 2023: Child Support Grant and all other Grants
SASSA Grants Payment Dates for April 2023

To ensure that their grants are delivered on time, beneficiaries should note these payment dates.

Those over 60 who do not receive another form of social assistance are eligible for the Older Person Grant. In order to qualify for the grant, you have to be a South African citizen or permanent resident and meet the criteria of means testing. 

Disabled people who can’t work because of their disability can apply for the Disability Grant. A means-tested grant is awarded to South African citizens and permanent residents who meet the criteria. 

Child Support Grants are given to those responsible for caring for children under 18 years of age. Grants are awarded to South African citizens and permanent residents who meet the criteria of means testing. 

As well as these grants, SASSA also provides Foster Child Grants, Care Dependency Grants, and Grants-in-Aid.

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SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payment Dates for April 2023

Payment dates are not set in stone when it comes to the COVID-19 SRD R350 grant. SASSA’s website and social media pages should be checked for any changes by those who receive this grant. A regular check of payment status is also recommended, as it will reveal which months remain unpaid.

A variety of payment channels are available through SASSA, such as ATMs, merchants, and Postbank offices. Benefit recipients should consider convenience and safety when choosing their channel of choice.

Besides these payment dates, SASSA has announced that social grant applications can also be submitted to local SASSA offices. In order to qualify for a grant, applicants must show proof of identity, income, and residency. Grant recipients are also required to provide SASSA with updated information on their eligibility on an annual basis.

As whole, social grants play a major role in providing assistance to vulnerable individuals and families in South Africa. Having an idea of when these grants will be paid can assist recipients with their financial planning and ensure they have enough money to cover their expenses. Grant recipients can be prepared to receive their payments on time now that the April 2023 payment dates have been announced.

Social Grant Beneficiaries: Important Information

Staying informed about payment dates is crucial for social grant beneficiaries to avoid delays or disruptions in receiving funds. In order to access the payment dates for social grants, here are some important tips:

Check Social Grant Payment Dates Online in 2023

In order for beneficiaries to check their payment dates, SASSA provides an online portal. To find out more about SASSA payments, visit its website ( and click on “Payment Dates”. Your ID number and grant type will be required to view the payment dates related to your grant, as well as your personal information.

Contact SASSA for Social Grant Payment Dates

The SASSA toll-free helpline is available at 0800 60 10 11 if you prefer to learn the payment dates over the phone. We can provide you with the relevant information regarding payment dates for your social grant when you call our helpline during business hours.

Maintaining an understanding of the payment dates will enable you to receive your social grant funds on time.


How can I check my social grant payment dates?

SASSA’s website ( has a section called “Payment Dates” where you can find the payment dates for your social grant. The payment dates specific to your grant will be displayed after you enter your ID number and grant type.

What is the possibility of changing the date of payment for social grants?

Yes, payment dates for social grants are subject to change. As a result of various factors such as public holidays, system maintenance, and unforeseen circumstances, SASSA may update the payment schedule. By checking SASSA’s website or calling their helpline for any changes, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest payment dates.

Do I need to do anything if I have not received my social grant payment?

Ensure that your bank account or cash pay point has been credited with the funds if you haven’t received your social grant payment on the expected date. SASSA’s helpline or local office should be contacted if not. They can answer any questions you may have regarding the delay.

Is it possible to change my social grant payment method or bank account?

The method of payment for social grants or the bank account for your account can be changed at any time. SASSA must be notified and your payment details must be updated according to their procedures. In order to ensure that you receive your social grant funds in a timely manner, it is crucial that you provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Should I report suspected fraudulent activity related to my social grant payment?

Report unauthorized withdrawals or changes to payment details related to your social grant payment right away to SASSA or the relevant authorities if you suspect fraud. Your social grant payment can be safeguarded by taking prompt action to prevent further unauthorized access.


To conclude, the social grant payment dates for April 2023 are essential information for beneficiaries to receive their funds on time. SSSA administers social grants and offers a payment schedule for various types of grants, such as old-age pensions, disability benefits, child support benefits, foster child grants, care dependency grants, and grants-in-aid. SASSA’s website or SASSA’s helpline provides beneficiaries with information about payment dates. Keep track of the payment dates so that the much-needed financial support does not get delayed or disrupted.

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