SASSA Appeals For Patience From Social Grant Recipients

SASSA Appeals For Patience From Social Grant Recipients

People experiencing financial difficulties can apply for SASSA loans or grants. The process of applying for monthly assistance is extremely time-consuming, and South African residents can apply through various platforms. Receivers are required to wait until their applications have been approved before they can withdraw money. A number of people are facing this problem, so the national institution appealed and requested that they have some patience as the authorities are resolving it.

SASSA Appeals For Patience From Social Grant Recipients

SASSA Appeals For Patience From Social Grant Recipients

After the country went through a financial drought in the last two decades, the South African Social Security Agency helps the residents who are suffering. SASSA offers grants and financial assistance to people from eight different categories. As long as they find other earning options for themselves, they can get monthly installments or loans to help them get by. A national institution, SASSA has to deal with thousands of requests a day since they are a national organization.

Since the application process is extremely time-consuming, the institution encourages recipients to stay patient. A thorough check is done on the recipient’s identity, bank statements, and locality before the approval is granted. Grant or loan recipients are frustrated when they cannot withdraw their money after they have received approval. Several complaints later, SASSA urged them to bear with them and be patient with them.

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According to the institution, the Postbank system is unstable and receivers will need to wait an additional day or two. Because of some problems with the SASSA gold cards, they will not be able to withdraw funds from their loans or grants. 

Almost 90% of the grants have been awarded to deserving individuals, so SASSA has assured the recipients that they will receive their funds. Sassa payments will also be sent soon to those who are experiencing withdrawal problems.

Rather than addressing the problem from the beginning, the authorities are now taking care of it themselves. They are now able to withdraw their money from the South African post office. Banks, however, inform recipients that their accounts do not have sufficient funds. People have been waiting for months and are frustrated with the constant misapprehension. It has now been announced that SASSA will once again take an unknown time to respond to the recipients’ appeals and statement. You can also check Sassa status online here.


How long does SASSA take to approve an appeal?

Almost three months pass before SASSA approves a loan payment or grant request. Due to the large number of applicants, the process is time-consuming.

How do I appeal online with SASAA?

Applying for grant payments or loan installments online is possible through the official website. Applicants can access different platforms through the South African Social Security Agency.

Can SASSA take your money back?

Yes, SASSA can take your money back since the process can be reversed, but once the loan has been approved you can take it whenever you like.


This article discusses the SASSA grant or loan recipients’ wait for their grants or loans. Due to some glitches in the banking system, the national institution urges recipients to be patient. The authorities are handling this issue and will resolve it as soon as possible. The money has been sent to almost 95% of the applicants who had their applications approved. Before the money is distributed to the remaining 5%, we ask them to hold their horses a little longer.

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