How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay?

How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay

Do you want to know How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay? This is how you get your Pick n Pay R350 grant.

It used to be that SASSA R350 grant beneficiaries could only collect their grants from the post office. Having to wait in long lines for payments would cause many problems, and it would waste a lot of time. The South African Social Security Agency, therefore, created the Pick n Pay option to make withdrawing money easier.

How to Collect Grant at Pick n Pay in 6 Steps

How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay

Pay n Pay is now the payment collection point for SASSA grant holders. Your money can be accessed easily and quickly with this method. Should you not know how to obtain your SASSA R350 grant at Pick n Pay, I will be able to guide you.

  1. In order to qualify for the R350 grant, you must first ensure SASSA has approved your application. To confirm your SASSA status, check your SASSA account.
  2. Then, you will receive an SMS confirming your approval and providing details such as the date and location of your Pick n Pay collection.
  3. Visit a Pick n Pay store and bring your ID number and your mobile phone (be sure to write the same number on the mobile phone as on the application).
  4. Then, at the till point, enter your ID and phone number to ensure you receive your SRD R350 grant.
  5. On your phone, you’ll receive a USSD code, which you’ll have to confirm.
  6. Your payment will be given to you by Pick n Pay at the end.

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The Role of Pick n Pay in Distributing the SASSA R350 Grant

Pick n Pay has partnered with SASSA to facilitate the distribution of the SASSA R350 grant to eligible individuals. As a widely recognized and accessible supermarket chain, Pick n Pay has established itself as a convenient location for recipients to collect their funds. With numerous stores across South Africa, including both urban and rural areas, Pick n Pay ensures that beneficiaries have easy access to their grants.

How to change your SASSA R350 Collection Point to Pick n Pay?

How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay

Your R350 grant might be sent to you through the post office if you are a continuing beneficiary. However, you cannot receive it there anymore. If you wish to change your collection source, you must do so. Read on to learn how to switch your R350 grant to Pick n Pay from the post office.

  • Click here for the SASSA website or go to to get started.
  • After clicking this, you will be able to change your banking details.
  • You must then enter your ID number and phone number.
  • A unique link will be sent to you then.
  • To switch to Pick n Pay, click the link and fill out the necessary information.

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How Much Information does Pick n Pay get Access to?

You do not have to worry about Pick n Pay managing your information or your R350 grant. When collecting money, you will not receive any links. Never click on a link that requests personal information from you.

A mobile phone and your identity document (ID) are all that you need to bring with you. Your mobile number will be given to you with a USSD code, which you must accept to receive your money.

Documents Required for Collecting the SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay

When collecting your SASSA R350 grant at Pick n Pay, it is important to have the following documents with you:

  • Valid identification document (South African ID, passport, refugee or permanent resident document)
  • Reference number received from SASSA

Ensure that your identification document is in good condition, not expired, and matches the information provided during your application.

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Tips for a Smooth Process at Pick n Pay

How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay

To ensure a hassle-free experience when collecting your SASSA R350 grant at Pick n Pay, consider the following tips:

  1. Double-check your notification: Confirm the date and time provided in the notification from SASSA. Plan your visit accordingly to avoid unnecessary delays.
  2. Choose a less busy time: Pick n Pay stores can get crowded, especially during peak hours. Try to visit during less busy times to minimize waiting times and ensure a smoother process.
  3. Organize your documents: Have your identification document and reference number readily available. Keeping them organized will save time and prevent any confusion during the collection process.
  4. Be patient and polite: Understand that there may be other individuals collecting their grants as well. Be patient and respectful towards the Pick n Pay staff and fellow beneficiaries. Cooperation and kindness go a long way.
  5. Keep your grant safe: Once you have received your SASSA R350 grant, secure the funds in a safe place. Be cautious when leaving the store and consider using secure banking options if available.

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Can I collect my R350 grant at pick and pay?

What Do I Need To Collect My R350 At Pick n Pay? A valid ID number, a mobile number, and a phone number are all you need to access your SRD R350 grant. In your grant application, you must use your ID and phone number.

Can I collect my R350 at Pick n Pay without SMS?

SASSA SMSes have confirmed Pick n Pay or Boxer as the collection pay-out point for grant recipients. BP Pick n Pay Express, Pick n Pay Clothing, and Pick n Pay Liquor stores will not be included in Pick n Pay’s collection points for SASSA SRD grants.

How do I collect my R350 grant at retail stores?

You can easily collect your R350 grant through Pick & Pay. Providing your ID number and phone number at the store on a specific date provided by SASSA is all you need to do. After verification, the cash will be handed over to you on the spot.


Pick n Pay provides a straightforward and convenient process for obtaining the SASSA R350 grant. In this guide, we outline the steps for applying for and receiving your grant funds at a Pick n Pay store. Through SASSA’s partnership with Pick n Pay, beneficiaries have been made more accessible to their funds, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process.

Before visiting the store, be sure to get all the necessary paperwork, including a valid South African identity card and proof of residency. In addition to meeting their essential needs and improving their livelihood, SASSA R350 grants can be conveniently accessed at Pick n Pay branches across the country.

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