How to Check for Unclaimed Money in South Africa in 2023

How to Check for Unclaimed Money in South Africa

What if you found a forgotten sum of money that rightfully belonged to you? Money that has gone unclaimed may seem absurd, but it’s a fairly common occurrence. There may be unclaimed money waiting for many South Africans. We will guide you through the process of checking for unclaimed money in South Africa, so you won’t miss any potential windfalls.

Unclaimed money may be in your name. Have you ever considered it? A fund that has disappeared or been abandoned by its rightful owner is considered unclaimed money. Inheritances, insurance policies, pensions, dividends, and bank accounts can all contribute to such funds. Unclaimed money is an unfortunate consequence of life’s complexities, as many people lose track of their financial assets.

Understanding Unclaimed Money

How to Check for Unclaimed Money in South Africa

What is Unclaimed Money?

Money that goes unclaimed for a prolonged period of time refers to dormant or unclaimed assets. The owner of the asset may have passed away, changed his address, or simply forgotten about it. It is possible to accumulate unclaimed money in various accounts without ever discovering it, regardless of its origin.

Common Sources of Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money can stem from a wide range of sources. Some common examples include:

  • Inactive bank accounts
  • Uncollected wages or salaries
  • Unclaimed life insurance policies
  • Unclaimed pension funds
  • Unredeemed gift cards or vouchers
  • Forgotten investments or shares

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Why Check for Unclaimed Money?

There can be a sense of excitement and surprise when discovering unclaimed money. In addition to reclaiming lost assets, it could also improve your financial situation. You can check for unclaimed money in the following ways:

  • Recover lost funds: Unclaimed money could be rightfully yours, and by claiming it, you can access additional financial resources.
  • Consolidate your finances: By uncovering forgotten accounts, you can streamline and consolidate your financial holdings, making them easier to manage.
  • Settle outstanding debts: Unclaimed money can help you settle any unpaid debts or expenses, providing a fresh start for your financial well-being.
  • Fund future goals: Whether it’s a dream vacation, home renovation, or educational pursuit, unclaimed money can serve as a stepping stone toward achieving your aspirations.

How to Check for Unclaimed Money in South Africa

How to Check for Unclaimed Money in South Africa

To uncover any hidden funds, let’s take a closer look at the various methods you can use to find unclaimed money.

Online Search

It has never been easier to search for unclaimed money than it is now thanks to the internet. Online databases are available on several reputable websites where you can search for your details. Compiling comprehensive lists of unclaimed funds is often done by these websites with the help of financial institutions and government agencies. South African unclaimed financial assets databases such as UFAR and National Treasury websites are examples. Inputing your relevant information on these platforms will allow you to find out if you have unclaimed assets.

Government Websites

Unclaimed money can also be found on government websites, in addition to specialized online search platforms. On the websites of government agencies responsible for managing unclaimed funds, there are often sections dedicated to searching for unclaimed funds. It is possible to search for unclaimed tax refunds or overpayments by using the South African Revenue Service’s “eFiling” service.

Contact Financial Institutions

Financial institutions may sometimes hold unclaimed money directly. In the event that you suspect you have unclaimed funds from a specific bank or financial institution, reaching out directly to them can be an effective method of reclaiming them. For information about unclaimed accounts or assets associated with your name, contact their customer service or visit their branch. Your identity will be verified and any unclaimed funds will be claimed by them.

What are the steps I need to take to find out if I have unclaimed benefits? The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and other authorities are able to provide information about unclaimed benefits in a number of ways. By contacting this organization, you will be provided with the contact details of your relevant fund so that you can be confirmed and claim back as needed.

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Tips for a Successful Search

In order to maximize your chances of finding unclaimed money, it’s essential to maximize your efforts. You can increase the effectiveness of your search by considering the following tips:

  • Be thorough: Don’t limit your search to just one database or website. Explore multiple platforms, including both specialized unclaimed money websites and government resources, to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Use variations of your name: Remember to search using different variations of your name, including maiden names, nicknames, and common misspellings. This will increase the likelihood of uncovering any unclaimed funds associated with your identity.
  • Check for family members: Expand your search to include immediate family members. You might be surprised to find unclaimed money belonging to your spouse, parents, or siblings. Helping them discover these assets can strengthen your family’s financial well-being.

Claiming Your Unclaimed Money

Congratulations! You’ve successfully located unclaimed money under your name. Now it’s time to navigate the process of claiming your rightful funds.

Required Documentation

Before initiating the claim process, gather the necessary documentation to support your case. This may include identification documents, proof of address, and any relevant financial records or statements. Ensure you have all the required paperwork in order to expedite the claim process.

Submitting a Claim

Each unclaimed money source may have its own specific procedure for filing a claim. Follow the instructions provided by the respective institution or agency. This may involve filling out claim forms, providing supporting documentation, and submitting the claim through the designated channels. Be patient throughout the process, as it may take some time for the claim to be reviewed and approved.

Avoiding Unclaimed Money Scams

While searching for unclaimed money, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and protect yourself from potential scams. Here are some tips to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous individuals:

  • Be cautious of unsolicited communication: Beware of emails, phone calls, or letters claiming to have information about unclaimed money in exchange for a fee. Legitimate sources of unclaimed funds will not require upfront payment or sensitive personal information.
  • Verify the legitimacy of websites: Only use reputable websites and government platforms for your search. Double-check the URL, read reviews, and ensure the website follows secure protocols (e.g., HTTPS) before entering any personal information.
  • Research before sharing personal details: Be cautious when providing personal information during the claiming process. Research the organization or agency you’re dealing with and verify their authenticity before sharing sensitive data.

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How long does it take to receive the claimed unclaimed money?

The timeframe for receiving claimed unclaimed money can vary depending on the institution or agency involved. It may take several weeks to months for the claim to be reviewed and processed. Patience is key during this process, but rest assured that efforts are made to expedite the return of your funds.

Are there any fees involved in claiming unclaimed money?

Legitimate sources of unclaimed money do not charge fees to claim your funds. Be cautious of scams that request upfront payments or ask for sensitive personal information. It’s essential to research and verify the authenticity of the organization before providing any financial details.

Can I search for unclaimed money on behalf of a deceased family member?

Yes, you can search for unclaimed money on behalf of deceased family members. Often, unclaimed funds can be inherited by immediate family members or named beneficiaries. It’s advisable to gather the necessary documentation, such as proof of relationship and the deceased person’s identification, to support your claim.

Are there any time limitations for claiming unclaimed money?

The time limitations for claiming unclaimed money vary depending on the type of asset and the governing laws. It’s recommended to initiate the claim process as soon as possible to avoid potential complications. Keep in mind that some assets may become permanently forfeited if not claimed within a specified period.

Can I hire a professional service to assist with the unclaimed money search and claim process?

Yes, there are professional services available that can assist you with the unclaimed money search and claim process. These services often specialize in locating unclaimed funds and have expertise in navigating the necessary procedures. However, it’s important to thoroughly research and choose a reputable and trustworthy service provider to ensure the protection of your personal information and finances.


It can be exciting and rewarding to search for unclaimed money in South Africa. You can uncover forgotten funds that belong to you by understanding unclaimed money and using various search methods. You can use these assets for a much-needed financial boost and to achieve your goals, whether they’re dormant bank accounts, unclaimed insurance policies, or unredeemed investments.

Consider searching online using reputable platforms, such as the Unclaimed Financial Assets Register (UFAR) and government websites. Whenever you suspect unclaimed funds with a particular organization, don’t forget to contact them directly. You can ensure a smooth and successful process by following the necessary steps and staying vigilant against scams.

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