Eagle in Golf

Eagle in Golf

There are a number of unique terminologies in golf, and they will surely leave you scratching your heads if you are a new player. So, what is an eagle in golf and how it can help you achieve a great score? You will get all of your answers here so, keep reading!

What is Eagle in Golf?

An Eagle in golf refers to a score of 2 under par. For example, when you are playing a par-3 hole you have to finish it in one stroke to score an eagle. Scoring an eagle strongly indicates high level skills of a golfer and it is hard to achieve it until you are at a professional level.

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What is a Double Eagle in Golf?

Another common term in Golf which is similar to Eagle is called “Double Eagle”. It is also commonly referred to as an “Albatross”. A double eagle or Albatross is achieved when a golfer achieves a score of 3 under par. Similar to an Eagle, a double eagle is also significantly rare and it is played on par-4, par-5 and par-6 holes.

What is Condor in golf?

It may sound surprising to many of you, but it doesn’t really stop at double eagle because you can also achieve a triple eagle, also called “Condor”. To score a Condor, you need to score four under par. Therefore, you can only score it on a par-5 or par 6 hole.

A condor shot is not common for average golfers because it requires some of the very professional golfing skills. While you can still work your way towards achieving one, you should start with a single eagle shot.

How common is it to score an Eagle in Golf?

As you might have guesses already, it’s not really common to watch golfers scoring eagles as it requires mastery of maneuvering and gameplay. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot score one! So, if you are really looking forward to leveling up your skills then you start practicing it on holes with a higher par like par-5 or par-6. This will create room for some mistakes while giving you a cleaner shot to score an eagle.

Why is it called an Eagle in Golf?

There is no clear history regarding the scoring terms in golf, but the “Eagle” is often associated with the term “Birdie”. In simple words, Birdie refers to something cool, so eagle means something absolutely incredible. And that is how this stunning strike in golf came to be.

Final Thoughts

An Eagle shot is an incredibly impressive score in golf and every golfer should strive for it. You can achieve it on any hole by scoring 2 under par and the number of strokes to achieve this will change depending on the hole and its par rating.

While it may seem hard to achieve as a beginner, learning how to score one will greatly enhance gameplay leading you to more wins.


Why is Eagle better than a Birdie in Golf?

An Eagle refers to completing a hole in 2 strokes less than the par of the hole while a Birdie is achieved when you score one under par. So, if you are able to score eagle, it definitely level up your game and golfing skills.

Is an Eagle also called Hole-in-One?

When we talk about finishing a hole with par-3 then Eagle can be describing as a Hole-in-One. However, scoring a Hole-in-One on all other holes with a par rating above 3 cannot be referred to as an eagle. For example, on a par-4 hole, a Hole-in-One score is called an Albatross or a double eagle.

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