Design Ideas To Embrace Small Apartment Living

Despite the size, a small studio apartment can be a functional and attractive home. Moreover, with small living on the rise many people do prefer living in small apartments. Get inspired with our layout studio apartment ideas and make a tiny flat feel like a palace! But first things first, what does the ‘studio apartment’ exactly mean? This concept of living is relatively new. Such an apartment is a small room with minimal living space and no capital walls. In other words, it is one large room, which is separated by a wall and a door only a bathroom. A studio apartment will be ideal for a young couple or a single and busy person. not possible to make a studio from every apartment. The necessary conditions are a sufficient area (at least 30 m2), as well as fairly high ceilings, which make the living space airy. 

Studio apartment design ideas for creating zones within your space 

How to organize a small living space properly? Zoning areas is a necessary technique in the proper arrangement of the studio apartment, it allows you to delimit the space and allocate several areas. Otherwise, the living space will look too cluttered.

You can create zones within your space in one of the several ways:

  1. Allocate several levels within your space. These can be niches or podiums. But this option will be appropriate only in a room with fairly high ceilings.
  2. Use furniture to create separate zones. For example, a narrow elongated rack will separate the working zone or gaming zone, where you enjoy gambling or bet on sports. 
  3. As for the size of these or those zones, they can be almost any. So, if you are going to invite guests, then most of the room can turn into the living room area. If you want to organize culinary evenings and love to cook, then emphasize the kitchen area. 
  4. Use lighting. Spotlights will allow you to illuminate individual zones and highlight them in the space.
  5. Think of the appropriate color scheme. Using different tones in the interior design, you can also provide a very clear division of space into separate zones.

Use of modular furniture

Furniture in a studio apartment, first of all, should not be bulky, otherwise, it will clutter the space and literally “steal” precious square meters. It is best to use modular furniture. But all items should be as functional as possible so that the room is not only attractive and stylish but also comfortable and suitable for active life. In any case, you should avoid massive and bulky closets. It is desirable to choose simple and laconic models without distinguishing or too large details. In addition, all elements should correspond to one chosen style. And don’t forget about separate zones. It is desirable not to allow the furniture to go beyond the zones. This will allow you to organize and delimit the space.

Best interior design styles for studio apartment

Thinking through the interior design of a studio apartment, you need, first of all, to choose the interior design style:

  1. Scandinavian. Characteristic features of the Scandinavian interior are the use of natural materials, light soft shades, and functional and practical furniture. Scandinavian style implies an abundance of light, the use of light shades and natural materials, bright accents, and practicality in everything.
  2. High-tech. The main characteristics of this interior design style are modern appliances, functional furniture, metal, chrome, and glass surfaces, simple and clear shapes, and the use of plastic, metal, and glass.
  3. Minimalism. This interior design style requires a minimum number of interior elements and decor, diffused lighting, zoning, light shades, and the use of simple materials.
  4. Pop art. The main features of Pop art interiors are light colors and bright accents, plastic furniture of very unusual shapes, the use of inexpensive materials (plastic, paper, metal, synthetics, glass), and creative decor.
  5. Provence. Provence interior requires cute and simple accessories, simple finishing materials, pastel colors, and laconic pieces of furniture.

Get creative with colors in your design 

Bright colors are perfect for small apartments, as they will reflect the light and visually increase the space. It is desirable to choose pastel and soft colors, such as peach, beige, milk, sand, light pink, and others. But cold tones can make the room uncomfortable, although still some of them are quite appropriate, such as lilac, and blue. When decorating a studio apartment, you can match several colors, but preferably not more than three. In this case, they should all harmonize. 

Don’t be afraid of contrasting colors: they can play the role of accents for separate zones. The most successful combinations to choose from are red and white, brown and light yellow, beige and chocolate, purple and beige, burgundy and milk, and pink and brown. Don’t use too bright and “acid” colors, as well as dark. The first will “break” the space, as well as pressure and tension. And the second will reduce the area. 

Enhance your tiny home with lighting

The ideal option for a studio apartment will be spotlighted, as the central in the studio apartment will be inappropriate. It is better to place a few lamps around the perimeter, preferably built into the ceiling or wall-mounted, but not too prominent. Avoid massive floor lamps and sconces: they will take up free space.

Prioritize simple forms

When decorating a small studio apartment, opt for simple and concise accessories and artwork. It is best to place decorative elements on shelves, shelf racks, racks, or cabinets. You can and should use items with shiny, mirrored, or glossy surfaces that reflect light.

Let your studio apartment become cozy and bright!

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